Here is the English translation:

“During the San Diego music festival, I met and started speaking to a young lady who was involved in adding beauty to the venue. Meenakshi Satyavolu is a multi-talented individual. Formally trained as an architect in addition to music, she now runs a graphic design practice and a Thanjavur painting school. While trying to teach her daughter Aanya Tamil, Telugu and Hindi alphabets she came upon an idea by which her daughter could pick them up faster. She used photos that were personal and familiar to Aanya in order to create a set of alphabet books for her. She now creates such customized books for anyone who wishes to order, using their own personal photographs. Not only books, she also creates many different custom materials using personalized images. These include invitations for every event ranging from religious & family functions to dance performances. She is a very talented individual in designing custom graphic design solutions for any occasion. More information about her services can be found on her studio’s website:

Girija Raghavan, Editor/Publisher Ladies Special Magazine